Why book with us

From our early beginnings in 1995 to our present status of Air Seychelles Top Seychelles Tour Operator in Southern Africa, one thing has remained the same, and that is our dedication to our clients and to our sole destination, Seychelles. Seyunique was formed with the vision of promoting Seychelles in a unique way so as to make this island paradise as accessible as possible to the broadest spectrum of travellers.

We are reviewing all the prices listed on our website, however at present all prices are subject to immediate adjustment for change due to the sharp decrease in the South African Rand’s value. As soon as there is stability in the ZAR we will update prices accordingly.

Please contact us for revised prices. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


Yachts and Seychelles Variety Cruises

If you prefer the freedom of being at sea, the waves instead of the ground beneath your feet and a sea breeze blowing around you, then a holiday on the Seychelles’ crystal clear ocean waters is just for you. You may charter your own yacht or join other avid sea explorers for a 3, 4 or 7 day cruise around the Seychelles Inner Islands.



Honeymoon in the Seychelles

Seychelles is the perfect destination for an island wedding and/or honeymoon, with exquisite white beaches and perfect sunsets over turquoise ocean waters, no where else in the world is romance more personfified. Spend your first few days as man and wife in absolute paradise.